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Join Billy and Jimmy, the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, as fans of Power Rangers, Anime, Movies, and everything else in between. They interview creators and fans of their fandoms. Follow along as they fiddle, fumble, and find their way into bringing you, to the fandoms.

About Zeo to Hero

Zeo to Hero is for everyone. The Bulk and Skull of Podasting, Billy and Jimmy are huge nerds and love to bring together people of different fandoms. We love to jump in and deep live and learn so much as we can.

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37: Jacob, Gundam, and Grogu

Welcome back the boys, Billy and Jimmy, the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, and a long-time guest, Jacob, better known as IronAvenger52. They talk about new Gundam models, Cosplaydude637 new project, and much more nonsense....

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Recent Episodes

36: Cheeky times of mark

Mark the Red Cornish Ranger Joins the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, as they go on a tour of the English Country Side of Cornwall and Wales. They talk about Marks new cosplay items like the Cornish Shield and official Cornish Helmet. Doctor who and the family tree of...

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35: Somethings a Foot in Japan

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy. Today, the boys go solo, to recap the Zordon hiding secrets YouTube video, linked below, and explain how they got each of the parts of the theory. And they spice up a new theory as well. Stay tuned for more wild and...

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34: Sam’s casting couch

Join the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy. They welcome back Sam, or Big Daddy Sam on the Offical Zeo to Hero Discord Server. They talk about being an Alley for all the Gay and Queer Rangers out there, growing up in the 90's, and a lot of spicy takes, so...

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32: Colorful side of Clayton

This week, with the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy, are joined by Clayton. Clayton is the creator of an excellent and progressive Power Rangers-style style show on Youtube called Neon Lights. For the month of June Billy and Jimmy asked people of the...

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Billy and Jimmy are two brothers, that bicker and squable all the time. They love the nerd life and grew to learn to love each other. They get through every episode without killing each other, barely.

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