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Join Billy and Jimmy, the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, as fans of Power Rangers, Anime, Movies, and everything else in between. They interview creators and fans of their fandoms. Follow along as they fiddle, fumble, and find their way into bringing you, to the fandoms.

About Zeo to Hero

Zeo to Hero is for everyone. The Bulk and Skull of Podasting, Billy and Jimmy are huge nerds and love to bring together people of different fandoms. We love to jump in and deep live and learn so much as we can.

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47: Eltar, Rangers of Power

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy, are back. This time they bring along their guest, Nelson Greg Sayson, or Zordon of Eltar from the fan creation of the same name. They talk about bread, acting, toy photography, toy collecting, whether should they keep...

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Recent Episodes

46: Unnecessary evil

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy are back. They talk about the most potentially evil rangers, the ones who can cause the most damage. 3 from the show and 2 from the comics, and Jimmy has a surprise 6th ranger contestant. ...

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45: Power Rangers After Dark

Join the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy, with the spooky dark side of the Power Rangers. With Mega Force, Operation Overdrive, Turbo, Dino Thunder, Wild Force, and Ninja Storm. Join us, with a different point of view on some of the more questionable...

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44: I Love Power Rangers Again

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy, are back and have a small ramble while trying to cash in on the trending #IlovePowerRangers. They ramble way too long on what they like about Dino Fury.  If you are liking the shorter episodes let us know, and if you...

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43: In Memoriam of Billy and Sam

This week, in memoriam of Billy and Sam who are so sick that Cosplaydude637 and Red Cornish Ranger have a conversation about the legality of graverobbing. They also talk about Power Week, Toys, Dying, being sick, and a few other things.We are making this a short...

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Billy and Jimmy are two brothers, that bicker and squable all the time. They love the nerd life and grew to learn to love each other. They get through every episode without killing each other, barely.

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