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Join Billy and Jimmy, the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, as fans of Power Rangers, Anime, Movies, and everything else in between. They interview creators and fans of their fandoms. Follow along as they fiddle, fumble, and find their way into bringing you, to the fandoms.

About Zeo to Hero

Zeo to Hero is for everyone. The Bulk and Skull of Podasting, Billy and Jimmy are huge nerds and love to bring together people of different fandoms. We love to jump in and deep live and learn so much as we can.

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62: Red January

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy, are back. They get to the major unknowns in the leadership world of Power Rangers. They tend to try to be nice about what is happening in the series, but not this time, everyone but Scott from RPM gets hit hard. Also...

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Recent Episodes

61: Chasing Leaders into Space

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting are back, Billy and Jimmy, and continuing the conversation of leadership. We discuss about what makes a Leader a Leader, is it a suit color? actions? or willingness to defend the weak? Maybe all 3?Check out the new episode from Red...

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60: New Year, New Power Rangers Podcast

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy are back for a New Year and a new format for the show. We deep dive into leadership in the OG Power Rangers team and how they helped develop each ranger into who they are. The failures, the successes, and the meh in...

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58: Morphing Grid, Dimensions and sometimes Mark

The Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, Billy and Jimmy, are back with the lovable guy called Mark. Mark is more well known as The Red Cornish Ranger, from TIktok, and a Member of the Zeo to Hero Network. They talk about the new Doctor Who, the Soul of the Dragon and the...

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Billy and Jimmy are two brothers, that bicker and squable all the time. They love the nerd life and grew to learn to love each other. They get through every episode without killing each other, barely.

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