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Bulk and Skull of Podcasting

Join Billy and Jimmy, the dynamic duo of podcasting, as they explore their passions for Power Rangers, anime, movies, and more. They’ll chat with fellow fans and creators to bring you insightful interviews and entertaining discussions. Follow along as they navigate the world of fandoms and share their enthusiasm with you.

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The Story of
Zeo to Hero

Welcome to “Zeo to Hero”, the ultimate podcast for fans of Power Rangers, Anime, Movies, and beyond! Get ready to geek out with Billy and Jimmy, the dynamic duo known as the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, as they share their passion and knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

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Meet Billy, the one and only host of Zeo to Hero podcast. He’s not just any ordinary fan of Power Rangers and other geeky things. Billy is a true collector at heart, with a deep passion for keeping his collectibles in their original boxes and in pristine condition.

Despite his love for the fandom, Billy often drives his co-host, Jim, into madness with his meticulous ways. But that’s just the fun of it all!

Through podcasting, Billy has found his true voice and creative outlet. Not only does he share his knowledge and love for Power Rangers and other fandoms on the show, but he also unleashes his artistic side on TikTok. His dedication to the fandom and his creative talents are truly inspiring to fans and fellow creators alike.

Join Billy on his journey from Zeo to Hero, as he shares his insights, interviews fellow fans and creators, and fumbles his way through the ever-expanding universe of fandoms. His passion, knowledge, and love for the community are infectious and will leave you wanting more.



Meet Jim, the other half of the dynamic duo behind the Zeo to Hero podcast. Jim is known as the “Bulk” of the pair, with a wealth of knowledge about a variety of topics that might seem trivial to others, but to him, are endlessly fascinating. Despite his quirky personality and off-beat sense of humor, Jim’s encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture is an invaluable asset to the podcast.

However, as the editor and producer of the show, Jim often finds himself at the mercy of his co-host Billy, who can be challenging to work with at times. Billy’s obsession with keeping his collectibles in pristine condition and his penchant for tangents can drive Jim up the wall. But despite the occasional frustration, Jim’s passion for podcasting and love of geek culture keeps him coming back week after week.