Zeo to Hero Partners

Baker Rangers

Technical Problem Child

Ben is a huge fan of Ghostbusters, TMNT, Power Rangers, he has a great McChicken Song and loves his family, and has started his family-based podcast over their own shared interest.


Writer of Cosplay

Willy with a Y, is a solid dude who loves his family and his cosplay. He gained a big following on TikTok and used that following to propel his own writing skills and talents. He is part of the 3 Ranger Bro Studios.

Iron Avenger52

Gundam Master

Jacob, the man, the myth the legend of the plastic-cutting Gods, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is a very talented Gumbla Model maker.

The Red Cornish Ranger

Cornish Hospliatity

Mark, the Red Cornish Ranger, is a wonderful cosplayer and a fan of Doctor Who, Power Rangers, and his family. He is part of the 3 Ranger Bro Studios.

If You Give A Dad a Podcast

Super Fan of Fatherhood

Jared has a wonderful family and has taken his wholesomeness into his podcast, creating a wonderful show where he interviews guests as a father who has a podcast.



The Ghost of Fire Lord Sam

There isn’t much to say about the wonderfully amazing Fire Lord Sam, just know that I am writing this of my own free will.
She will be Missed

Tai Tiger

British Charm

Tai has been writing up a storm, and creating his worlds. As a young up-and-comer of the Power Rangers Fan Writing, he is making waves. He is part of the 3 Ranger Bro Studios.

Retired Members

TN Ranger

Southern Charm

Let me tell you about Sam, AKA the Southern Charmer. A Wild Man from Tenesse, he got his fame from TikTok and make his presence known far and wide with his 3D printing.

Neon Lights

Lights in the Darkness

Neon Lights, AKA, Clayton Younkin, is an extremely creative person, and the mind behind the groundbreaking animated series Neon Lights. He is a teacher by trade and is a stellar person to be around.


Get Away Driver

Tony rounds out the Zeo to Hero Partners, one of the most excellent and caring guys. He doesn’t have his own show at the moment but he is always willing to be a part of your fandoms.